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The Period of Education

The product group in which you work for is important of course, while digital marketing has a special importance for you to use during the education. We especially love the use of digital media as digital marketers and it gives important clues to help us the young audience analyses. When you examine the data Google from 2011 until 2014, especially on the side of search about this time period, we can say that Mobile is increasing. Of course, this increase must also be taken into sector the rise in mobile phone use. Especially in May and June dates are the most important months of the year in this area for education.

It may be related to the education sector as your company directly, or indirectly related to this area, you can open a digital channel to reach consumers. Graduation, school trips, the most wanted gifts for this month in also scorecard words. However, other important information related to the playing field-gaming; especially in the months of January and June in this area shows the increase in search volumes. Dec holidays and for the summer period in the category of children and young people play attracts more attention. School supplies peak in the months of August and September searching. A practice test periods; I don’t need to write the appropriate months because you can guess easily!

However, especially in the scorecard and on the bike I want to focus on the words:

Scorecard: This term has been getting specifically the peak during summer holidays and vacation periods. 2 words are about the scorecard and scorecard present here the most important words. In the months of January and May of the most important figures of graphical analysis the results are the same for all months and 4 years. Another point is that there don’t to be searched over the years outsite of this 2 months. The changes that occur in digital marketing, especially consumer perception of external social context also notice the difference. Classic marketing, which is important in the context of a phenomenon with the same values of the consumer within the scope of digital marketing is important because we need to understand that changing numerically in the global scope is always the same.

Bike: Why is this word so important because it is a word which has the maximum volume of search trends. This continues in a keyword search every month of the year, but March, April, and May are the months with the arrival of spring, makes the best numbers in these months. The most important words: bicycle and bicycle prices.

No matter which sector in your marketing strategy, do not neglect to touch this area unless this would be contrary to little; directly or indirectly it doesn’t matter.