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Digital Projects as Cornerstones of Marketing Strategy

At Bester Media, we believe that our portfolio speaks volumes about our capabilities. Below is a snapshot of some standout projects that underline our proficiency in the digital space:

  1. Video & Multimedia:
    • “Enjoy the Life” – A Viral Video Production
    • Featured Video on a Popular YouTube Account
    • “The Global Case” – YouTube Advertisement Campaign
    • Original Music Video Clips
    • Music Acapella Mix
  2. Gaming & Interactive:
    • “Cord-Man” – Advergaming
    • “Crushing” – 7 Levels Advergaming
  3. Contests & Engagements:
    • “The Kitchen Cook” Contest
    • Infogram Contest spanning 5 Unique Categories
    • “Start-up Creative Modular” Contest
    • “The Photo Awards” Contest
  4. Social Media Initiatives:
    • “The Soccer Live” – Interactive Comments
    • “The Insta Academy” – An Instagram-centric Initiative
    • Foursquare Shop Checklist Promotion
  5. Digital Solutions:
    • Photo Application tailored for iOS and Android Platforms
    • Shop-specific Geo Location SEM Project
    • E-Trade Solutions for Enhanced Sales Management
    • Comprehensive Yellow Pages Management Project
  6. Content & Blogs:
    • “Cinema Club” – A Themed Blog Project
    • Dedicated Photography Blog Project

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