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The Dark Network

If you think digital marketing means Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing indexing from the world of the web, you are quite mistaken. Approximately 300 of the web site only 3 have seen indexing, just think that’s left the unseen side of the iceberg.

We predicted the number of data and the reach of the internet, and is much bigger than we know. Our effort we gave the white network, indexing sites like Google is now showing us. In addition, there is a dark network of this work. Security, crime, the server, confidentiality, data protection, virus are all contained within the file containing the network and moreover dark hosting. To be here clearly with your brand or personal data are not quite true; but also knowing the rules of this world, you need to adjust your strategy according to the conditions in white and dark networks.

You can’t go in easily to dark network; many countries are so foreign in this system, but also the United States of America, Russia, China and many European countries are made for Strategic Studies for dark networks. There could be use the onion router to enter in dark networks, it is free; also it is necassary to hide yourself in internet world as IP changer. For the brand it is certainly not true to make it some digital marketing activities in here; but you are in, and you should be able to perform follow up with your brand and customers with legal words. It’s not illegal ways to opt for, certainly, but necessary when your goal is your brand, you need protection. There are some internet explorer like Chrome, Mozilla, and even the engine has ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button. Using hacks, viruses, drug dealers, the wiki is open and more of this world; the secret of communication that can be entered by invitation only chat room. Sometimes you will be there too.

As digital people when we encounter some problems in digital like site, page or domain problem, we are going to legal methods with the legal departmant or some company serves for this kind of the works. Legally, the last point is removed the relevant page or  site in the server or closed domain names. bu also in Russia, Ukraine there are some server companies that has no legal rules don’t accept any rules, payments, just listen the owner of the server to submit the information in any way; payments are made with digital money like the bitcoin. In such case, what you can do; how you can execute a strategy. The closure of the IP address in the entry of country is certainly a solution, but what will we do for users that use those IP changer softwares.

The currency of bitcoin or darkcoin network in the dark, all this virtual money you can pay to hide your identity in payments. You need to hackers, hire the hackers in anywhere, find crime software or I can count now the hundreds of issues that I think are objectionable to write more here.

Our goal is not to be included in any study of this kind of initiative in this area or non-work  as digital marketing in the field of legal; however, your brand, your products, and more to preserve what you’re dealing with whom you should know better. On another subject, your customers or your brand can be in dark networks, users or the fact that your customers might have dark about your products! The digital world it’s not as clean as it looks; be prepared!