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Search Marketing: Your Direct Pathway to Customer

Welcome to the realm of search engine optimization. We specialize in managing SEO-focused web pages, utilizing tools like Google Analytics and Google AdWords. From getting pages indexed by search engines to meticulous monitoring, we handle everything for you. Our approach is comprehensive: from implementation and monitoring to optimization. What sets us apart? We provide bespoke customer analysis reports, not just the standard analytics.

Google AdWords – Related

We meticulously craft Google AdWords campaigns for both search and display. Whether you’re focusing on branding or specific products, we’ve got you covered. We design impactful banners and ad images utilizing consistent branding elements to ensure maximum engagement.


We cater to popular search engines in Turkey, such as Google, Yandex, and Bing. While we provide custom solutions for the dominant search engines, we also ensure your presence on up to 100 international search engines for our global clientele. If you require specialized indexing for other search engines popular in Turkey, we can facilitate that too.

SEO/Web Optimization

To ensure organic visibility of your homepage and other content pages, we delve deep into page analysis. We identify areas for optimization, focusing on coding differences, and provide monthly updates. Our optimization extends from header to footer, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is more than just numbers and charts. Trust us to delve deeper. We won’t just present data; we’ll interpret it, offering actionable insights and customer-centric analysis.

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