Media / Social Monitoring

Bester Media provides companies with an advanced social listening service designed to provide comprehensive insights about your brand or competitors and online conversations. This service, which is not tied to any brand monitoring tool, offers several key features:

Real-Time Monitoring:

Track your brand’s presence on various digital platforms including social media, news sites, blogs and forums to understand how your brand is perceived in real time. This is not just linking but word-based monitoring. In this context, follow all updates about your brand or your competitors in the digital world.

Sentiment Analysis:

Understand public sentiment towards your brand. This feature helps to assess the mood of conversations – whether they are positive, negative or neutral. You can easily follow the text studies obtained with graphical representations.

Interaction Opportunities:

Identify customers and interact with them directly. This tool helps to instantly respond to questions, feedback or any brand mentions, improving customer relationships and brand loyalty. You can also improve your sales or service quality in the short term and increase your brand valuation in the long term.

Brand/Person/Competitor Identification:
Discover key influencers and thought leaders in your industry. This helps you leverage their reach for brand promotion or address brand-related issues more effectively. We are completely flexible here and ready to follow any brand or leader for you.

Market Insight:

Stay one step ahead of the competition with advanced search capabilities that provide in-depth market analysis and insight. With our reporting support, we lay the entire digital world under your feet on a monthly basis.

Global Sales Opportunities:

Identify discussions about your brand or industry that could lead to potential sales opportunities. Bester media is valid for every country covered by your media monitoring service. You can get your market analyses and customer behaviours from us with real data before entering the market.

Public Relations or Social Media

Keep track of the channels through which your newsletters are published in the digital world and access both word entries and mentions through all social media channels in line with your goals.

Bester Media’s comprehensive social listening service is a strategic tool for businesses looking to improve their market presence, manage their brand reputation and engage effectively with their audience.