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Mobile Marketing: Navigating the Mobile-First World

The mobile revolution has transformed how we communicate and do business. A luxury once, cell phones are now omnipresent, with over 5 billion global users. Interestingly, 70% of these users would prefer to quit alcohol than part with their phones*. The massive adoption of mobile and tablet devices has shifted marketing dynamics, establishing mobility not just as a channel, but as a cultural mindset.

Our Approach

At 360i, we see mobile as an avenue to forge deeper, real-time connections with your audience, wherever they may be. We don’t treat mobile as an afterthought. It’s at the forefront of everything we do, leading us to dissolve our dedicated “Mobile Department”; we’re now mobile-centric across all units. Through our in-house “Mobile by Design” initiative, we ensure that we’re always abreast of the latest mobile trends and technologies, enabling your brand to leverage cutting-edge mobile opportunities.

Strategies for the Mobile World

It’s a mobile world, but every user has a unique interaction with their devices. We delve into the life of your mobile consumer, using both traditional and digital research methods. Our unique tools, such as 360i Mobile Buzz, capture consumer mobile interactions, while our Mobile Search tool pinpoints mobile searches for a clearer understanding of on-the-go users. Our prowess in mobile search even earned us a stellar rating in Forrester Research’s latest WAVE™ report. With these insights, we highlight the best opportunities for your brand, tailoring strategies that resonate with your audience’s mobile preferences.

Technical Expertise for the Real World

A stellar strategy demands impeccable execution. At 360i, we marry innovation with technical expertise. Be it crafting captivating mobile applications and websites or pioneering metrics for mobile ad performance – we have the expertise to turn visionary strategies into tangible results.

A selection of our mobile marketing offerings:

  • Comprehensive Mobile Strategy Design
  • Application & Website Development
  • Cutting-edge Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile SEO for Organic Growth
  • Comprehensive Mobile Reporting & Analytics
  • Tailored Mobile Partnerships

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