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Children and Digital Marketing

Classic commercials prepared for a product or brand in their marketing efforts or commercial exploitation of children in children of many films followed by discussion about the circumstances that is not true and the situation is still on-going. This is definitive on the subject line and also the lack of a legal controversy inevitably causing different interpretations.

Prepared viral videos in digital marketing, or in the areas of digital advertising both such as ads and ad content subject to monitoring that I mentioned above using same rules as classic marketing. By children the wrong model, social cognitive development of children to be used as meta impairment or except for the purpose of advertising, we need to get ahead in existence as issues that still continues.

Especially for today, every brand has been made his job and strategy in very carefully for digital advertisement; firstly ethic then don’t waste digital budget in anywhere.  For example, over GDN advertisement, impressions and clicks can be gone blank targets in advertising content. For example my 3 years old daughter on the iPad is playing the game but suddenly on the screen a pop-up ad is coming. Her reflex works automatically click advertisement and both ad clicks, and also impression has been giving. The benefit to the brand, however, just empty numbers. All of the digital work, especially the target-based, it is very important, otherwise it’s just empty numbers shall be included in the works. The other sad side, 3-year old child has to be seen this ad; I don’t think so the answer is YES! The positioning of advertising especially doesn’t sound very ethical to me with this kind of free applications. For the application here of course the company will want to get money; however, in this way, and that can harm the mental development of children; the companies should find new creative ways. Especially it is important for digital marketers to show the necessary sensitivity to this issue.

This topic is the most important source of advertising to be based on the Code of practice 13. 14. ingredients, a short summary of these ingredients: ”natural children or youth in their advertisements shouldn’t abuse their innocence; their loyalty to their feelings of must interfere. The ads that are for teens or kids or which could affect them mentally, morally or physically or images must not contain no statement that can harm.” This text is very important to consider all digital in our studies.

Apart from that, digital advertising work as much as possible in the target-based work need to do; in particular, mass-based, large media advertisements need to remember that children can see these ads. Facebook advertising targeting studies such as those over the age of 18, such as is already being done; however, you have to pay attention inevitably organic made in the submissions of visual works.

On the digital side, we mustn’t ignore the rules that are made about the children in all these studies. We should note that in accordance with both the rules of ethics; both in the field of digital marketing who care about the kids we should give more healthy and more careful works.