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Get web analytic & reports! While some people cringe at the thought of analyzing data, we love it. Seriously. Our team of measurement and analytics experts are PhDs and statisticians that are always looking for new ways to turn data into opportunity – and, by opportunity, we mean ROI. We go way beyond traditional web analytics, providing detailed insight across all of your paid, earned and owned media to tell you what’s working, what’s not and how to improve.

Attribution Analysis

How would you like to know the impact that each of your marketing activities is having on the bottom line? With 360i’s attribution analysis, you can. We measure the consumer journey end to end, capturing all of the media they’re exposed to and examining how each channel affects your goals. We can show you where you’re over or under investing, and help put your money to work, where it works best.

Media Mix Modeling

While attribution analyzes past performance, Media Mix Modeling helps you budget for future return. By looking at each media channel, and even offline marketing calendars and media plans, we can tell you the best places to put your money across all of your online media. The result is a highly optimized media mix that delivers more revenue and greater ROI.

Business Intelligence

If you know what you’re doing, big data can spell big opportunity. And at 360i, our data scientists live to sift through the online and offline data at your brands’ fingertips, ensuring new opportunities and more profitable advertising to outperform the competition.

Our Analytics offerings include:


            Media mix modeling

            Business intelligence


            Predictive bidding

            Multivariate testing

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