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Media planning isn’t just a part of what we do; it’s woven into the fabric of our expertise. We recognize that in today’s dynamic landscape, consumers don’t interact with media in isolation, and neither should our strategies. For a campaign to truly resonate, there should be a unified narrative across all media channels. Whether it’s paid, earned, or owned, they must not only harmonize but also amplify each other. To make this seamless integration a reality, we blend profound consumer insights with cutting-edge audience targeting and state-of-the-art attribution technology. This ensures your message reaches its intended audience in the most impactful setting.

Discovering Audiences How intimately acquainted are you with your audience? Ever thought of diving deeper into their psyche? At 360i, our strategies aren’t based on hunches but on meticulous research and insights. Utilizing proprietary technology, we dissect data in real-time, pinpointing the ideal audience and anticipating their reactions to your messaging. This dynamic approach uncovers potential audiences while crafting tailored communications for the existing ones.

Enhancing Performance Through our Digital Marketing Suite, we employ predictive bidding, a surefire way to enhance campaign ROI. But we don’t stop there. By collating data from every channel, we unveil the potent strategies and identify areas of refinement, ensuring our trajectory is always optimized.

Quantifying Impact Our gaze encompasses all channels, dissecting their cumulative effect on your brand’s overarching performance. Our avant-garde measurement and reporting paradigm not only highlight effective strategies but also unveil avenues for further enhancement.

How well do you know your target audience? Would you like to know it better? At 360i, our campaign recommendations are based on research and insights. Using our own technology, we analyze data in real-time to find the right people and predict their response to your marketing message. In doing so, we can discover new audiences while tailoring messages to existing ones.

Optimizing Performance

Our Digital Marketing Suite uses predictive bidding to optimize campaign ROI. Not only that, it takes campaign data from each channel and reveals what’s working and what’s not, allowing us to adjust our direction over time.


Advertisement Platforms:

In our portfolio, you can have great advantages with the best advertisement platform in the world. In categories, there are video, audio, connected TV, digital out of home, native, mobile, display.


Measuring Results

We look at all channels to understand their impact on your brand’s total performance. Our sophisticated measurement and reporting approach doesn’t just show you what’s working, it shows how it can work better.

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