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Media Plan is in our experiences. Last we checked, people don’t consume media in silos, which is exactly why we don’t plan in them. If a program is to be truly successful, there needs to be a shared narrative across all media. Paid, earned, owned—if they are going to work well, they need to work together. To make this happen, we applyconsumer insights with advanced audience targeting and groundbreaking attribution technology to ensure you reach the right people, with the right message, in the right place.

Finding Audiences

How well do you know your target audience? Would you like to know it better? At 360i, our campaign recommendations are based on research and insights. Using our own technology, we analyze data in real-time to find the right people and predict their response to your marketing message. In doing so, we can discover new audiences while tailoring messages to existing ones.

Optimizing Performance

Our Digital Marketing Suite uses predictive bidding to optimize campaign ROI. Not only that, it takes campaign data from each channel and reveals what’s working and what’s not, allowing us to adjust our direction over time.

Measuring Results

We look at all channels to understand their impact on your brand’s total performance. Our sophisticated measurement and reporting approach doesn’t just show you what’s working, it shows how it can work better.

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