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Digital Advertising & Local Media

Product, campaign, etc. we use for digital advertising promotions should be mentioned briefly where this was headed. Increase the number of digital advertising impacts and also to reach more customers that you have to have more clouds that means different channels. How much more you may get unique users; the more sales or brand valuation has performed. Today, although the effect of TV advertising also discussed the importance of sort of the counter obtained in another post I will write this issue specifically.

It would not be wrong to say that the impact of digital media in Turkey is shifting to social media advertising. However, when compare with past data, we can say that we are dealing with a much more intelligent and attentive audiences. Selectivity in perception no longer use standard banner it is killed; on the right, on the left, used in the above or under doesn’t get as many clicks as using standard Banner; the banner doesn’t do anything for this particular group given the impression of numbers. Different remarkable studies are now rich media that is much more important.

However, it is really bad to see a reduction in the impact of advertising. A few years ago ‘page-skin’ daily work, we obtained a figure of nearly 70,000 clicks but now we have been getting 20,000 clicks. Here, of course you are using that product or leave aside the impact of the campaign; at the same time, the ‘call to action’ buttons in your applications are of importance. But I can say with a general evaluation of these channels has than yesterday: they need to get rid of the cumbersome structures, especially large local channels immediately; otherwise, fairly for many in the future will be dark for all of them.

I can say that social media of digital advertising is much more effective than local media digital advertisement. Now when I look at the results obtained of digital advertising, it’s not too hard to understand what caused the differences. Not to mention the high level of impact from a particular mobile. All digital marketers should wake up in the shortest time and should be scrapped the old classic methods; otherwise, the failure will be reflected in the results obtained; also the unnecessary use of the digital budget will cause more and more problems.