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Product Range According To The Strategic Plan

According to your company’s product line, we need to designate your digital marketing strategy to be different. Both social media and other interactive platforms of communication and proper planning and a high percentage of your customer segmentation will affect your marketing activities.

Low-high consideration determination, according to the desire of the customer’s purchasing power and in this sense is important. The most important point here is the price range of the product that will be marketing. For example, the car or sell chocolate. As consideration when planning high buy sell cars, chocolate low purchase consideration will be included in the plan.

Usually products that will benefit your company more social media activities for consideration of advice for high sided communication is an important factor, and social media platforms will be an important tool in this area), however, in this sense, the Charter high products, facebook, twitter campaigns in areas such as short-term interactive marketing efforts while at the same time allows for the consumer’s subconscious slowly embroidered brand awareness. Start planning accordingly and usually sided communication that will be completed directly within the campaign will be made for sale. Instead of using interactive marketing campaign should concentrate on promotional activities for low-consideration products.

According to both groups, in the planning must be considered: the deadline for applications to be different, the difference in the work of the campaign, customer segmentation planning, competitor and Industry analysis facility.

For high consideration products: landing page creation, fan page, facebook campaign, twitter campaign, which will be opened in the name of the blog page Information page, using a database of owned to the appropriate customer group-week 2 mailing, SMS information, studies developed, organic search optimization, interactive marketing, such as AdWords and facebook advertising campaign the work of the work must be made within a short time.

For low-consideration products: Yes, and making announcements on social media platforms as appropriate within the overall marketing plan the marketing plan should be made interactive in conjunction with other products. New product launches and the products need a different strategy for reviving a short-term campaign in parallel with the implementation of a plus given above studies will be an advantage.