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Using Tweet Stats

An important tool that allows you to analyze your Twitter stats page free tweet. Especially if you are having people from different agency or your Twitter page, your page easily understand what they do for them and how much you can spend on it. If you are an agency that does this work if your customer reports obtained here can deliver. Tweetstats which you will get with a lot of different information out there. Primarily as a web page, you must enter: . After you enter this page, your Twitter page and all you have to do is write your name on ‘my tweets graph’ key, click on. As a case study T-Mobile USA, let’s look at the page.

tweet stats

The face-sheet 3 a data field will be:

– Tweet Stats: made with graphics related tweets on your page
– Tweet Cloud: gives you the most used words in your tweets
– Follower Stats: returns information about the following users to your page(If you are scanning your page for the first time, if this property is active on the same day not 24 hours later, the same page with twitter you can use this feature.)


Thrown on a monthly basis the total number of tweets, replies and retweets that gives the number of values in the chart above, you can find graphical. Other charts, according to a tweet made between the hours of 8 pm and 2 am most weekdays, there is a tweet made the maximum ranking for the first 3 days Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as days is given.

Another important point to be considered not only you using your Twitter page Twitter pages tweet stats you can analyze your competitors. Here all the values that you have acquired a competitor, or you can compare the companies you want to take a sample.

Another important feature to use the tweet Cloud at the top, click on the second card. On this page you can find the most 5 words in the tweet. Although this feature is a brief summary of your Twitter account, your account within reflect the character of the structure. Strategically, it’s quite easy to see where you were.

tweet stats
The last feature that are tracked by the follower and the number of people using the stats people who follow your page there is a chart that shows the rise and decline of the day. It’s not a very useful chart, but at least that gives you a tracking number, we call the graph a lecture summary.