Bester Media

Social Media Promotion

While doing promotion work on the social media platform, you can do your products according to different exercises. Both your marketing team and your opponents, depending on different strategies, you can increase product sales.

Generally applicable promotion work, can be applied to most products in many industries. If we do not sort accordingly:

  • Discount coupons granting(short-term or semester)
  • A gaming application to be made for potential customers(that can be applied to social media contests)
  • Customers can gift the granting of a product-the company’s products(low-priced products)
  • Gift planning sweepstakes
  • Price discounts based on
  • 1+1 Product campaigns
  • Provision of promotional material designed for the customer
  • Joint promotion that may be made from different companies work
  • Associations or foundations which can be done with joint promotion work
  • A research implemented by application promotional work
  • Promotion on customer satisfaction