Interactive Digital Marketing

1-What is interactive marketing?

Interactive marketing is not just social media, or did identify some of the Internet applications. Bringing together some of the company’s existing or potential special studies for its customers, marketing activities, advertising and a one-way communication based on non-interactive communication of the company and the customer in identifying mutual customers that brought their own beer and even the new trend was an interactive marketing weapon. That should come to mind when interactive marketing tools: bulk email sending, facebook, Twitter, Flickr as well as activities to be done with social media marketing, blog pages, mobile applications, social applications, the realization of interactive like a flash mob, campaign on the Google AdWords keyword and the execution of the work of the company Internet web site design, content and control studies, based on the search engine, sem company common arrangements that can be made with the planning of marketing activities, etc.applications.

2 – What is the benefit to the business of interactive marketing?

The young population of our country is increasing every day, however, both the state of e-government projects both private and company work the people of our country is increasing interest in this area. Interactive Marketing for our country has exceeded their infancy, and the U.S. continues to increase in importance. Especially if we think in terms of consumer habits has similar characteristics with the United States in later years, the budget for the marketing and the importance of this area I would say would be much greater. This area is the reason why it’s so important to your marketing costs and changing consumer structure. The need for marketing applications for large companies and small and medium sized companies needs to be strictly applied. Large companies generally have more information and communication is mainly performing these activities, but the most important point here is that interactive marketing direct sales activities with small and medium sized companies can perform. Today, Turkey is the turnover 80% of the companies that are winning in interactive marketing, and this highlights the need to yatr time our business men in this field.

3 – How to reduce your marketing costs? How profitability?

Today, we know that the classic is very high the cost of Marketing, at the same time of these activities is not at the desired level of return. Today, in particular, has a huge classic marketing function in terms of brand awareness. The effect of direct sales is undeniable, but does not mean that he is back to full strength. Your marketing will cost you yesterday 1.500 TL, TL 85.000 if I said that you will win, probably you’d believe, but these figures using interactive marketing to get marketing today because it is the most inexpensive and the most effective weapon in your hand, it is possible to use. Use interactive marketing to increase your profitability and reduce your marketing costs.

4 – business, interactive marketing and know how to use it?

In our country, especially, we can say that large corporate companies actively started using interactive marketing. However, the distrust continues in this field, especially the intense activities of consumers in this field I think it would accelerate the increase in interest interactive marketing companies. I have encountered in the business world for companies that use this marketing weapon, the largest deficit in this area unfortunately, work or study in these areas just mailing the relevant section on facebook interactive marketing applications. If you want to get the maximum yield from this area, and use all the tools of this area as part of integrated marketing integrated marketing is a classic in this field.

5 – What is the rate of use of interactive marketing by region? In the cukurova region what is the situation?

In this field the highest utilization rate in Turkey in the Marmara region, Istanbul as a city. This, however, is the ratio of companies that use interactive marketing to consumers. This ratio day by day, in every region and city, the increase is inevitable. In the cukurova region is intense, considering that small and medium sized companies, both national and international group companies for the customer, depending on what work needs to be done in this area. In terms of maintaining the necessary trust for at least a year or so and interactive marketing studies can be carried out within 6 months of return may begin to be taken. Making sales or providing services to the company’s sole purpose is to increase the number of customers who demand the most important way that is profit, but at a cheap cost in your opinion increase sales, generate brand awareness, communication channels to replicate What Are you supposed to do?

6 – Do you see the future of interactive marketing?

Interactive marketing in the near future, will be implemented in every company, different and to stand out in this period apply what your costs may increase. Today interactive marketing is one of the best to use period. Interactive marketing spending in 2009 in the United States the sum of these expenditures is expected to be 54,956 25,577 million dollars million dollars in 2014. Interactive marketing is increasing in importance as the day goes on, interactive marketing experts in this area so don’t be late to start training and get support from.

Erkan Terzi interview with interactive marketing, Reflex have been made to the business section of the newspaper.