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Now the new generation with the right proportion of the relationship between the use of Internet which is the best e-commerce sector could become a shining yildizlasara suggests that in the future.

There is plenty of choice shopping service door to the world of e-commerce, every day, firms toward more attention. The user is also e-commerce Digital Marketing Manager erkan tailor the size of the interest in the perception of the sector with that mention, the volume of trade by the rise in talked.

E-commerce development in Turkey what would you have on?
E-commerce is and will continue to be on the expectations of development in Turkey. In Turkey in previous years, the technical deficiencies of the Internet, the user high costs, credit card scams, and information about many significant factor deficiencies, such as shopping in the virtual environment is beginning to disappear. Especially the new young generation will increase the volume of the interest in the internet day by day. The most concrete example of this, BKM, 2007, according to data e-commerce in Turkey the volume of 5.537 17 million was TL; 25.313 the figure for the year before the end of 2012,15 million TL.

Can you give information on the volume of Trade of the sector?(numerically) in the world most e-commerce countries. Turkey, the world and how?
E-commerce and the volume of the worldwide e-commerce does not have exact figures about the size of the market, but according to data from Goldman Sachs in 2013 is estimated to exceed $ 1 trillion. The trade volume of the sector last year, according to data from 226 billion dollars only in the United States and realized a growth of yuzde12. Just e-bay with an annual turnover of $ 2.4 billion. All these figures and the percentages of growth of e-commerce in the world that gained currency not only in our country, and continues its growth curve. The world of e-commerce in the regions where it is most common in North America, Europe (Western and Northern Europe) and Asia-Pacific countries (Japan, China, Singapore and Australia-New Zealand region). Turkey is not included in the top 10 in the general ranking; The United Kingdom, Japan, United States, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and many other European countries, e-commerce, the volume of the highest in the country.

The percentage of Internet users shopping online is doing? Which sites popular?
One in every 5 people in Turkey who uses the internet is doing shopping on the internet. The service sector is taking place in this area in the first place, and then comes in electronics and computer sales. According to research by GfK, a 6-month period in 2012 ready-to-wear, accessories and precious jewelry takes first place with sales of 51 percent. With 36 per cent with 15 per cent after the electronics and travel/sightseeing shopping areas. Turkey’s most popular sites:,,,,,,, and Web sites that provide online shopping services.

The e-commerce sector is perceived as, do you think?
E-commerce sector in Turkey began to be perceived as. Especially in this field, our company sell the product to the last customer who want to become aware of relevant studies in these areas and is quite pleasing. The consumer wants to shop in this area, and the data as the day goes on the direction that this number will increase because the interest in the living conditions of the new generation of the internet is large and inevitably you get both with both with the ease of purchase to get the price advantage of e-commerce shows. Even if not each and every company in this area that take place, it will be important for many companies. This is only the latest in customer-sided, not from firm to firm applies to companies who sell. Correct by experts who know the business strategy and the execution of a separate and important this work is a necessity. At the same time, e-commerce as a sector is not perceived as an alternative channel that you can sell your product or service and your plan should be prepared accordingly.

E-commerce business starting your business or success in life what are the sectors that captures? E-commerce in Turkey there are many companies? Do you think this number will increase?
Ready-to-wear, accessories sectors entered a rapid growth trend. Until yesterday, was regarded possible sale of textile products in our country; today, however, the consumer can give a Order of shoes over the internet. Moreover, cosmetics, body care products, household products, white goods and separate continues to rise. Computer and electronic products, as always, at the top, and it seems that it will continue to be. E-commerce in Turkey the company is unlikely to know the number of net number, but we can say that this figure is in the thousands. Today only sales by making markalasan companies in this area we have:,,, just a few of them. Apr in the areas of selling and also only a certain markalasan as many Internet sites are also available.

In Turkey, there are manufacturers that still don’t have a web site. Why is this so important? Apathy and ignorance?
I don’t think it’s indifference, the lack of sufficient knowledge about the companies of this field is the most important factor. Today, companies no longer having a quality web site is a necessity. However, studies of Web sites as a web site integrated with or separate from e-commerce to establish structures is very important from the standpoint of the company. At the same time, as I mentioned earlier, companies engaged in e-commerce as a sector, not just as an alternative channel should see it. Use this alternative channel sales, and branding, as well as to create a new communication channel is important. Doing relevant work in these areas is not as costly as it seems. All companies that they have become aware of this important aspect of our time and e-commerce sites are also within a short period of time I’m sure they’ll add to their digital portfolio.

Mobile applications, e-commerce, what can you say about the contribution?
Mobile phones have entered a new technological era; Internet-connected smartphones, e-commerce will be significantly larger contribution. Today, e-commerce sales will be high and also through mobile phones is taking place. The ease of entry to the internet, computers and mobile phones with all the technical features that it has to offer now, and we have the advantage of instantly connecting to the internet for e-commerce will continue to be a great tool.

The e-commerce sector, what should be the goals for?
First of all, “your company is an e-commerce site need?” The answer to this question is “yes” if I have to say first to make sales on the internet is not as easy as it looks. Website and product photos of the preparation, the integration of appropriate adjustment and payment options, ordering and shipping process, tracking, e-CRM, Customer Support provision of pre-sales and post-planning of marketing activities, all of these transactions, accounting, media and many other important details the implementation of communication activities of e-commerce are the preconditions for sale in the world. Moreover, Turkey’s total sales in half or more until your turnover by calculating how to hit the road don’t make a sale. E-commerce site, your company, plus a sales channel; it is only on the internet unless you’re selling your car engine if you don’t expect to certainly sales of this field.

Finally, is there anything you want to add?
In our country e-commerce is perceived as not only sell a product or service to the final customer, and also most of the studies in this direction is taking place; but forgotten an important point in e-commerce just from the company to the customer(B2C), but also companies(B2B) is due. Today in the world of e-commerce for a large part of the volume, from firm to firm is selling. Therefore, while I consider relevant studies in these areas to start working without wasting time and keep your vision broad to be the most significant and necessary step will be taken in this area.

Journal of Exports by Terzi Erkan, January 2013 interview is given.