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The Width Of Social Media

Social media outlets when creating your strategy, there are some important tips that you need to be careful about the users. In Turkey, more than half of the total time that users spend on the internet right now facebook, Twitter, social media channels, such as in the use of spends. But why? The answer to this question is actually for you when you are creating your strategies and your social media is becoming the main source applications. Users spending more time in the causes of the use of social media channels:

1 – Information :
Everyone want to learn new things. They are related or relevant to be informed about the topics they want to be. Your users of new information, videos, photos, and updates to share Open Data.

2 – Communication :
The information you gave, your users reach among themselves. Users of other people’s topic, product, company or campaign are curious about your opinions and comments about. Leave a comment or write begensin elestirsin. So you can write down your thoughts in the comments and the way anyone wants.

3 – Community :
Unleash the consciousness of being a member of a community of users. To communicate among themselves only allow you to publish your posts, comments, and contribute your thoughts.

4 – Entertainment :
Entertain your users while your shares in the social media. Monthly or quarterly as organize competitions among users, Games, Add funny videos to share on your subject, entertain them.

5 – Service :
Empower your users to achieve all the above mentioned attributes, but all of them allow you to produce a benefit to that you make all your users. Provide about your product or service benefit them.

All the social media work for your company that you have made in this 5 be careful to keep all of your property. At the same time, you should follow up and update daily, a monthly analysis of your work by concentrating to increase the rate of interaction, you should evaluate your results.