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Social Responsibility Projects

We may be an employee of a US company, but we must never forget that they are not an association or foundation of these companies; they all was founded with the goal of profit values. The mission of Marketing here every year increasing profit margins. Let no one deceive himself, that all employees, including the consumer knows the brand. In this context, social responsibility projects studies; however, here’s the best part, like me, he knows that is understood by people who worked in a foundation or voluntary associations especially for subject: marketing and sales on behalf of your brand can add value while you can give the service also social responsibility. I love the second part of this project, part of helping people; I’m sure that I agree with you.

Social support projects that are planned within the scope of marketing activities for your company as you imagine your company as both the sales and brand value and customer can provide advantages in different areas. The different units integrated with marketing efforts and budget when creating such projects primarily for your pre-planning is important.

Digital marketing, especially facebook, can be used actively as different from the main page of the company that may be created as a ‘landing page also will give you an added value. Such projects where your company is located sector, the Business Area your company can provide distinct advantages to the location and depending on the country. In Turkey, especially in this area of land would be required whether or not the investments to be made, but given that a wrong decision will be biased. The company’s sales can contribute to only 3% in an amount of, or even support these projects which will be able to catch a high rate and at this rate, with these projects, it does not seem impossible. This new marketing channel that opened at the same time of creating loyal customers, winning new customers and increase brand value plus advantages or it should be.

You can execute your projects in some important social media social media support: Facebook like. Them separately, the web address by visiting the social media pages you have created on your own that you can carry out your work as well as different.

Depending on the field of your company, Business, custom Facebook fan page, you can open the home page or redirect to the sale of your product you can give on this platform can do. Product sold on a percentage ratio to donate to foundations or associations you may want to consider different alternatives such as vouchers or gift. Is your company prepared if you have a fan page, in this case support the same practices that you can do about the projects you can open the cards on your fan page. However, my advice is just this kind of social support, especially in projects you will open a fan page for this to work. This way, you will not only gain new customers and also you can make more accurate analysis of the success of your campaign.

For example, T-Mobile in the opener of social support projects supportive of the company’s fan page, all of the products sold on the sales price will be given 5% of the support of consumers, T-Mobile can be channeled into products. The firm T-Mobile point to think about here, classical social support projects instead of doing different projects supporting the work of media that can bring the sound communication. $ 1000 and above on purchases that can be made, it would be the gift of a goat! This kind of project may sound too outrageous, but this is a project that can win and success that can be applied. Metinlerle with unforeseeable descriptive and integrative communications support can be provided. Especially the South African goat are a very important source of poor families without the cost of feed and to the needs of an animal. Poor families in South Africa that provide this kind of support to families with a definition of teaching to fish than to give fish a metaphorical equivalent. People who are shopping with a study of this type to support this fundraising campaign can be provided to poor families as a gift to send to your friends as may be provided.

Support specific to your project, as electronic calendars, greeting and Christmas cards you can offer your services to customers prepare and. This support separately from the projects that you have worked on as part of a joint marketing effort with foundations or associations you can make. Worked B2B or B2C in the context of your special day congratulations Christmas or companies or your customers for e-mailing, or to use a database, you can perform a common banner. In the content of your fan page Facebook on behalf of your customers that can be prepared with photos, text, slideshows, cards, etc. can make in Archival Studies, which support both the foundation and your company logo, you can use a combination of. Priority support on behalf of the employees of your company you can create a project, you can take the first step and this announcement by the media. On behalf of all our employees made to the tema Foundation planting seedlings of 10! Now on behalf of our clients came to work. The goal here is to bring feelings of people for a common activity that you will be able to turn it into sales.

Classical dynamics of marketing in their marketing is important in the context of this field that can be taken to support the side while is essential to the success of the project. A link that can be given at the end of TV ads or logo on printed materials, conducted on a one-page communication studies or fields that can be used within the scope of the activities will provide you with the advantage of supporting. Product sales for companies with products that can be used on a small logo, design or content, will create a surplus value.

Another characteristic of this type of work short-term and not long-term planning is needed. Social support projects in a period of 1 year or less marketing you do to achieve your objectives will affect you adversely. For a period of at least 3 years in your project and achieve the desired goal, it will be useful to analyze the success of the project. Perform different activities in the areas within years and within this period, supporting your project successful we need your support to continue. Closely following the agenda, especially outreach activities update, and to speed up work in this field would be useful. Holding place on the agenda the great earthquake that occurred on March 2011 in Japan for a long time may be an example of this. This incident affected the scope of work support for people in need of help on behalf of your company in marketing how you can be rerouted.

Briefly your company, especially as a result of digital platforms, including social support projects of the advantages that we can obtain a title will turn into:

  • Increase the rate of sales
  • Gain new customers
  • Increase the value of the brand
  • Create loyal customers
  • Open a new marketing channel
  • Raise brand awareness
  • But most of all, by creating a surplus value for associations and foundations to help people.

These work only with creating the visible face of Consumer Product Marketing, considering that is the main goal of ensuring the positioning of your subconscious, especially in the digital space that can be made with low cost, it will not be wrong to emphasize how important it is for social support projects. If your company still has not a social support project, don’t wait immediately start to work.