Bester Media Becomes the Official Marketing Agency for CPC Istanbul!

Istanbul, March 27, 2024 – In a significant development for the marketing and visual arts industry, Bester Media is thrilled to announce its partnership with Atis Fuarcilik as the official marketing agency for CPC Istanbul, the prestigious visual arts and technology fair. This collaboration marks a milestone in the fair’s journey towards integrating cutting-edge technology with the creative arts.

Bester Media, renowned for its innovative marketing strategies and digital solutions, will now spearhead all marketing and communication efforts for CPC Istanbul. This comprehensive responsibility includes the management of advertising, website development, press release operations, data management, event and creative project initiatives, social media management, and the production of creative content and videos.

CPC Istanbul, organized by Atis Fuarcilik, stands as a converging point for future visual arts and technology, offering a unique platform for artists, technologists, and visionaries to explore and exhibit the potential of modern visual arts. Bester Media’s partnership with CPC Istanbul is poised to enhance the fair’s visibility, engagement, and overall success through targeted and innovative marketing approaches.

As Bester Media undertakes the mantle of promoting CPC Istanbul, both entities look forward to setting new benchmarks in the intersection of art and technology, ensuring the fair’s position as a must-attend event for professionals and enthusiasts in the visual arts and tech sectors.

For more information about CPC Istanbul, visit CPC Istanbul website. To learn more about Bester Media and its services, please visit Bester Media’s website.

Media Contact:
Sude Eryıldırım
Bester Media – PR Manager