Using Google Trends

Google, on the Internet you can get information about your customers that your company makes available some important tips for free. Using these tools you can find keywords that are popular on the internet, region, or language analysis about competitor products and you can obtain some information about the products and companies in the industry. In this analysis, your marketing will certainly give you what to buy are relevant to your knowledge and experience.

Google trends allows you to make calls with simple, one word or more than one word entries, the prevalence of this word by making use of much more area and you can find information about. For example, ‘T-Mobile’ Search in Google trends about your company and this company and its products rival did. Let’s look at the results together:

– I chose America as a country, in some years by 2015, in all categories, and Google Web Search –

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 4.46.12 PM

google trends

google trend

The above chart you can find the numbers by month; at the same time, regional distribution, and search for words made.

The results we have obtained:
– 2015 period 6 months of the year caught the UPS and downs within the scope of a keyword analysis is very large, in this context, this period of the campaign, which coincided with the probability is low, but there is a rising interest by the end of the month of May.
– When we look at the state of New Mexico seems to be ahead of the Dec open; the other data are also particular sales channel is very important for the rankings.
– Topic and keyword analysis perspective to the analysis of particular subject in a way that reflects the customer’s brand.

The most important criterion that you need to be careful while using Google trends to get the result that you want that you should select the very best of words or word groups. Poor choice of words or the use by different people or organizations to give the word you have chosen will cause erroneous results. You can do a comparative brand analysis competitor especially on the basis of, or the rate of interest in your campaign, you can measure. However, you can’t use Google trends for each word and phrase.

The success of the digital channels that you will get trendsten data only Google, but also demonstrate the success of the maintenance of all marketing and sales channels. This data is evaluated as the results obtained regarding the use of net data. Your product range, your industry, your brand value, customer perception about your brand against your competitors product or even even use Google trends may not mean in any sense may be as useful for you.